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King Art is a German game developer. We have many years of experience in creating high-quality games for different platforms.

  • During the last 12 years we successfully completed around 40 game projects. We're working together with publishers as well as on our own projects as an indie-developer.
  • “The Book of Unwritten Tales” is the international one of the highest rated point-and- click adventure of the last decade. Our browser games „MyFreeZoo“ and „MyFreePark“ are among the top free-to-play games in several countries.
  • Our service includes concept, graphics and programming of games for PC, Mac Linux, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, iOS, Android, and browser, as well as support for online games.

Update #5 – The Music of BoUT2; Second Stretch-Goal reached!

Second stretch goal reached! On our way to the third!

Combined with the Paypal payments we’ve reached the second stretch goal! Wo-hoo! Thank you very much!


That means some of Benny’s music will be recorded by a live orchestra. If we reach the third stretch goal, ALL of the music will be recorded live!

Speaking of music…

Our Composer: Benny Oschmann

BoUT1 was praised for its great music, composed by Benny Oschmann, who made all our scores since then. Benny has won the Adventure Gamers Aggie Award this year for his unbelievable work on “The Raven – Legacy of a Master Thief”. Well-deserved in our opinion! We wanted the game to sound like a 60s or 70s Agatha Christie movie – and it does. Even more than we had thought possible.

If you want to know more about Benny and listen to some of his other work, click here.

Orchestral Music

With your help we’ll try to record as much of the BoUT2 music as possible with a live orchestra. (Take a look at Benny’s interview below, to learn why we think it’s worth the extra effort.)

For the Raven we were able to record ONE piece of music. Check out the video from this cool recording session:

The Music in “The Book of Unwritten Tales 2”

We asked Benny a few questions about his role in the production and his ideas for the “The Book of Unwritten Tales 2” score.

You have composed the soundtrack for every big KING Art game since The Book of Unwritten Tales 1. How did this collaboration come about?

Benny: Back then I had posted some pieces of my music in a German video game forum and the guys from KING Art were searching online for a composer for The Book of Unwritten Tales 1. They liked my stuff and asked me if I would like to write some music for their game. At that time I was still a student and had never composed for a commercial project. Of course I didn’t let that opportunity slip and accepted. I never regretted this choice and have worked on many great projects with KING Art since then.

Your music in BoUT1 and The Critter Chronicles was praised highly everywhere. What were your sources of inspiration?

Benny: Mainly it was all the magnificent soundtracks of the movies and games that are also parodied in BoUT1 (Indiana Jones, Star Wars, LotR, Harry Potter and many more). From the beginning we wanted the score to be melodic and catchy. Many current game and movie scores just aim to be bold and epic, but lack musical substance. We wanted to counteract that and make a soundtrack that is fun for the players while they play and still lingers in their memory afterwards.

What plans are there for BoUT2 in respect of music?

Benny: We will of course remain faithful to our musical concept from part 1 and once again and bank on strong melodies/themes for the numerous characters and locations. In addition to completely new pieces, there will be many new adaptions of themes from BoUT1. All in all it will be significantly more music.

For BoUT2 the music will be played be recorded with a live orchestra for the first time. What are the benefits of that?

Benny: For the player a real orchestra mainly amounts to an improved sensation while playing. When the music is played by a real orchestra, consisting of 70 professional musicians, it creates an emotionality that can’t be imitated even with the best digital orchestra samples. The purely digital product „video game“ thereby gains a human emotional touch that breathes additional life into it.

For me, as a composer, a real orchestra also offers more creative options for my compositions. When composing with digital orchestra samples you’re quickly stretched to the limits soundwise, because certain elements don’t sound convincing or can’t be implemented at all. In contrast the tonal range of a real orchestra is nearly boundless.

Shout outs

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New Video & Humble Weekly Sale

Next stretch goal in sight!

Including Paypal payments we’ve almost reached the 135.000 Dollar mark! That means about 10k to go to reach the next stretch-goal! Please keep telling others about this campaign!

New Video: Life of a video game character

You might think the life of a successful video game character like Wilbur is an easy one. But what about the times when no new “The Book of Unwritten Tales” is in production? Take a look behind the curtain:

Humble Weekly Sale

If you or somebody you know hasn’t played “The Book of Unwritten Tales” and “The Critter Chronicles” by now, here’s a very easy and very cheap way to do it: The Humble Weekly Sale featuring a bunch of cool adventures!


Please share the link. People might check out BoUT, become fans and support BoUT2!

If you previously selected the “BoUT Pack” reward you might want to switch to the “BoUT2 + The Raven” or “BoUT2 + Battle Worlds” packs.

Shout outs

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A documentary about audio dubbing Hollywood films for foreign markets. Coincidentally the German voice actor of George Clooney also did the voices for Munkus and Critter in the German version of BoUT1 and The Critter Chronicles. :)
@Kickstarter: Being George Clooney

Update #3: Story-Video; StretchGoal reached

The backstory of BoUT2

Here’s a video with early info on the story:

What would you do if your harsh and rugged fantasy world was slowly changing into a dream (or rather nightmare) of pink pony plushieness?

Here‘ we have some additional info for the inquisitive among you!

First stretch goal reached! Optional puzzles are on their way!

Thanks to your help we reached the first stretch goal last Friday and are well on our merry way to the second one. Yesterday we had a team meeting to discuss which optional puzzles and different outfits to implement! Stay tuned for more info on that (including some sketches) in the coming weeks and months.



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Paypal, New Rewards & Valentine’s Wishes

Payment without credit card

If you want to support us without a credit card, e.g. via PayPal, you can now do so here: Pledge Now!

New Rewards

There were suggestions in the comments to add new reward tiers for backers who already own BoUT1 and The Critter Chronicles, and would prefer to get The Raven or Battle Worlds: Kronos.
Here they are!




If you’ve got ideas or wishes for additional reward tiers, please post them in the comments. We might add some more tiers later during the campaign.
Valentine’s Day
Today isn’t just our Creative Director Jan’s birthday, but also Valentine’s Day! Give your loved one a big smooch from us!



A cool looking RPG in a Lovecraft setting!
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Update01: Funding Goal reached; New Video!

That was… unexpected

65.000 dollars in no more than 30 hours?! Are you nuts?!

Thanks to our character artist and cartoonist Marvin for the unexpected night shift ;-)

Thanks to our character artist and cartoonist Marvin for the unexpected night shift ;-)

Many many thanks from the whole team for the support of all you backers!

Here’s what Nate and Wilbur have to say about this:

One step done, three more to go

Thanks to your support all the different great rewards will be available and we can use the cool „projection mapping“ technique for all locations in the game, that enables us to move the camera through scenes more dynamically!

With this we’ve got one goal in the bag and three more in front of us:


Please continue supporting us

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  • Post and participate in discussions about our Kickstarter in forums, etc.
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